Direct Sales

Having an effective product that can deliver real value to the consumer is important but getting the consumer to purchase these products can be challenging. Many factors are forcing institutions to rethink their marketing strategy and reconfigure their marketing operating model.

Our services are exhaustive and not limited to the ones below:

  • Sales management training and selling skills assessments of frontline staff
  • Deployment and management of specialists for short or long term period to cost effectively increase sales
  • Deployment of Front-line staff for parts of the business process and particular customer segments
  • Deployment of salesforce to address particular product or service lines or product-related activities such as product launches
  • Partial sales outsourcing or sales out-tasking
  • Syndicated sales, where the contracted salesperson presents complementary products from different companies on a single call to a customer

Why Outsource your Front-Line staff?

  • Reduction and control of operating costs
  • Improvement of focus on core business and products / services
  • Utilisation of internal resources for other purposes
  • Access to world-class capabilities
  • Bridging the gap where resources are not available internally
  • Acceleration of potential benefits
  • Improved speed to market
  • Sharing or reduction of risks in hiring and employing
  • Targeting of territories that are underserved
  • Lowering of the cost of new client acquisition
  • More flexibility in building an efficient sales force
  • More effective prospecting and lead generation effectiveness
  • More effective management of the sales process
  • Scalability

MIS offers Direct Sales Services to our clients leveraging our deep experience in the banking and financial services sector.

At MIS , we build our services around knowledge and experience and focus on delivering value to our customers. We have acquired expertise, insights and intelligence from different sectors and for which your business can greatly benefit.....